Darth Crosis

Dark Queen of the Sith


Darth Crosis is a human female, standing approximately 1.89 meters tall. She has pale skin, black hair, and eyes turned red and gold by the corruptive power of the Dark Side of the Force. She wears simple black robes covering all but her face, and thus little more is known of her distinguishing marks.


The enigmatic woman known only as Darth Crosis first appeared in the year 27 ABY, two years into the Yuuzhan Vong war. She appeared in a small conflict on Yavin, and her appearance was largely dismissed by those who investigated it. She was seen slaughtering both Republic and Yuuzhan Vong soldiers during a search and rescue attempt for the daughter of a senator. While the effort was successful, the casualties on both sides were staggeringly high. It is one of few known records of the Yuuzhan Vong working with Republic troops against a common enemy.

However, records of this incident have remained lost and buried for years, as only days after the sighting the Yuuzhan Vong conquored Coruscant. The report was lost in the chaos. By the time the Jedi Order found the file again after the War, the trail was long cold.

Working in the shadows in the waning years of the war, Darth Crosis gathered a small group of apprentices from across the galaxy, working with them in an effort to build a new sith order. Her teachings include the failings of the line of Darth Bane, stating that while secrecy is key to overthrowing the enemies of the Sith in the galaxy’s current state, two Sith cannot be enough to maintain order throughout the galaxy. Reliance on too many non-sith agents proves unreliable, and only those chosen by the Dark Side are suitable rulers. Even Palpatine cheated in this manner to a certain degree, but he did not go far enough with his force sensitive special agents. In order for true dominance, a true Sith Empire must be built.

In this line, she has assembled a group of 30 potential candidates, organized into small groups of 5. She uses them as separate groups to enact her plans, occasionally pitting one cell against the other to test them, force them to prove their strength and cunning. Those who survive her “first phase” will be given positions of great power within her new empire.

No single apprentice sees the full scope of her plans, and she has demonstrated that she has more than enough power to destroy any of her students – likely even all at once. Those who disobey her are immediately and painfully dealt with – mostly with lethal consequences.

Darth Crosis

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