This is the way The Galaxy ends…

One year after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Galaxy is still rebuilding. So much destruction, so much death, it is known that it will be many years yet before the Republic has fully recovered from the war that nearly saw the eradication of so many races. However, even in that shadow, there is cause for joy. As the anniversary of the end of the war approaches, worlds across the galaxy prepare for celebration. It is a hard time, but a time of hope.

There can be no despair without hope.

In the shadows, an ancient enemy begins to rise – an enemy older than Palpatine’s short-lived empire, an enemy older even than the Vong. Deep underground on the planet Geonosis, a Sith Temple’s fires burn once more – and by their light the malevolence of the galaxy’s oldest threat stands again for the first time in centuries.

The Sith Empire is rising again, and their coming spells only one thing for the scarred and war-weary republic – the end of an era.

Star Wars: Apocalypse

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