Leader of Sadow Cell


Nissjlsst is a monster of a Trandoshan warrior, standing over 2 meters tall. He is completely covered in armor, and some of Darth Crosis’ apprentices theorize that he uses it to cover some crippling scar like Darth Vader. If this is true, he certainly doesn’t show any signs of injury or weakness – moving with the power and speed of one in his prime.


Nissjlsst’s background is a mystery. He was among the first of Darth Crosis’ initiates, and rarely speaks. Though not as strong with the force as some of his comrades, he makes up for it with extreme physical power and cold-hearted ruthlessness. He is a juggernaut in the extreme, relentless and unstoppable in close-quarters combat. He wields an old-fashioned crossguard lightsaber.


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